About Us

We're a family business that's here to serve your family.

We are a family business here to serve your family.

Whether that’s for your home or business we want to help bring peace of mind with a safe, secure outdoor area.

My name is Joe Lance, and along with my brother, Carter, we own and operate Bradford Fencing. Carter and I have been building things together since we were little kids. Whether that was forts in the woods behind our house or ramps for our bikes, we were always coming up with things to build. It’s our privilege now to work together to design and build outdoor spaces for families all around Central Arkansas.

My fence journey started when I was 15 years old. I had been mowing yards during the summers around our neighborhood, but I guess that summer I decided I needed a “real” job. I remember sitting in the kitchen with my parents asking them if I could get a job that summer. They were onboard with it, and my Dad said he thought he knew someone he could check with that I might could work for. Well that certain someone happened to be a fence builder, and I guess as they say the rest is history.

I went to work that summer as a skinny 15 year old kid that could barely haul a 5 gallon bucket full of water or pick up an 80 lb. bag of concrete, but I struck with it. I worked that first summer and learned as much as I could. Then, for some reason despite the long hours, hard work and hot temperatures I came back the next summer. I returned summer after summer and continued to learn the do’s and don’ts of crafting a quality fence.

My sophomore year in college, and I began contracting with a few local home builders to build their fences on the homes that they built. That was when Bradford Fencing was born. I continued building fences throughout college and beyond. During those college years, Carter was playing baseball at a different school, but I would recruit him on weekends, breaks and holidays to help me build fences.

Fast forward to now over 21 years since those very first fencing days, and Carter and I along with the rest of our family have the privilege of working together each day to serve your family by creating safe and enjoyable outdoor spaces with our fences, pergolas, railing and gates.

It would be our honor to serve you and your family, whether that be for your home or business. If we can help in any way please reach out today, and we would be happy to help!

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